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  • Limited number of 8 week slots available to receive counseling services from LGBTQ+ training-clinicians
  • Appointment slots may be extended for added 8 week periods, based on clinical need
  • Client is asked to agree to attend all 8 weekly sessions upon recieving an appointment slot
  • Potential clients must apply using the online form and must complete an intake to ensure their counseling needs are within the scope of intern providers
  • Get help with issues ranging from depression; anxiety; trauma exposure; grief; LGBTQ+ minority stress experiences; relationship enhancment; same-sex relationship counseling; HIV/TasP/PrEP; sexual minority health, and general wellness goals
  • Applications will be accepted from all ages and backgrounds -- those who are too young to consent for services in Illinois must provide a parent/guardian release
  • Sessions are randomly and confidentially monitored to ensure the quality of services provided by our interns
  • Confidentiallity is guarenteed; and all interns are registered with either the American Counseling Association (ACA) or the American Psychological Association (APA)
  • All interns are either current master's students in counseling or post-doctoral psychologists completing the field expereince portions of their degrees
  • Sliding-scale services are priced based on client's available economic resources; no individual or couple will be turned away based upon the inability to pay for services
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